30 May, 2013

The story of Kalie Brynn & The Three Bikes

Once upon a time, a girl named Kalie lived in A Very Rainy Place and she owned a very pink bicycle. This was a lovely bicycle, but it wasn't quite the perfect fit for Kalie. It was a tad bulky, and was uncomfortable to ride on. After months of no use, the pink bicycle became rusty from the rain, and the wheels flattened, and the bike felt very sad. Seeing the pink bike looking so miserable made Kalie sad, too. So one day, the girl said, "Enough is enough! This poor, sweet bike was made for one purpose, yet I have kept it locked up.  Someone kind must give this bike a new home where it can be ridden and happy and go on adventures." So Kalie posted the pink bicycle for sale on The Craigslist for a very fair and good price. Within hours, many people, far and wide across the lands of A Very Rainy Place, responded to the ad in hopes of taking home the little bicycle. Some were merely curious, others more eager, and others still were greedy little b's who tried low-balling the girl. But one message stood out from the rest, and hope flourished. One fair lady with a generous and pure heart made it clear to Kalie that she would be filled with joy if she could take the pink bicycle home to ride around A Very Rainy Place.  The next day, the fair lady arrived at the home of Kalie and swept up the pink bicycle in her arms. They rolled away together into the sunset, and the bicycle was happy and so was Kalie.

However, the girl was in need of a bicycle more fitting. Fate suddenly intervened one day in the small town of Ballard in A Very Rainy Place.  As Kalie passed a shop window  she noticed amongst the trinkets inside a very beautiful bike. The bike called to Kalie and said, "Hello! I have been left here by my old owner and need a new home. Please come try out my seat and pedals, for I believe we may be match." Kalie was so excited to meet this new bike and gladly tried out the seat and pedals. The bike was tall, but the girl did not worry about this. She just knew that if she took this bike home, they would be fast become friends and go on many adventures together and be content. 

Trouble, though, was lurking around the corner for the two new friends.  Kalie, in her earnestness and haste, did not give proper thought to the actual height of the new bike and the reality of her own small stature. So when the girl tried to get on the new bike again, she was highly unsuccessful and nearly fell over.  Again, she tried. Eventually the girl had to use the freaking curb to gain enough height to get on the bike. Clearly, this was problematic. Clearer still, this bike definitely magically grew in size since leaving the shop. Kalie was in great danger riding this new bike, since she could not touch the ground with her feet, or actually get back on without much effort. After attempting to ride the new bike many times and struggling more and more, Kalie and the new bike sadly walked home together, with their heads hanging and their hearts heavy. Kalie knew that as much as she and the new bike wanted to be a match, she would have to find yet another new friend and let this one find it's true soul-mate. And so she put an ad on The Craigslist for the new bike.  

Suddenly! tucked away within the lengthy list of homeless bicycles on The Craigslist, Kalie spotted a posting for the most beautiful bike in all the lands. Red and shiny, new tires and a fresh tune-up, this most beautiful bike was literally described as "made for someone of a small to medium frame." Joy blossomed in the girl's heart as she quickly responded to the man selling the bike. The next day, Kalie was called with good news. The bicycle was to be hers! The girl happily arrived at the bicycles old home, and swept up the bike in her arms, just as the fair lady did the pink bicycle, and brought it home to keep forever.  

The new bicycle was given a name by the girl - Brittany. And Brittany the Bike was the most perfect size and fit for Kalie. They were meant to be. And they both new that many happy days, and many wonderful adventures, were in their days ahead of them.

So one bike was bulky, too wide and too pink,
The second so tall, made for giants, I think.
But the third is just lovely, to Kalie's delight,
It is red, it is small, it is perfectly just right.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That is the most beautimous bicicyle I have laid my eyes on. I wish we lived in a less rainy place so you could ride it every day and make others jealous.

    Also I really enjoyed the line about the "greedy little b's who tried low-balling the girl." ;)